Making a Case for Trucking Industry EOBR Mandate

Mandating Electronic On-Board Recorders (EOBR’s) for all interstate commercial motor vehicles is nothing new for the trucking industry. The argument for the EOBR dates back to 1990 and continues today. Many professional truck drivers, however, argue that the EOBR will have no increase in safety as the regulators advise and could add to further harassment […]

Industrial Air Cleaners: A Way to Maximize Productivity and Minimize Risk

If you own or operate a commercial or industrial business, making sure that you and your employees have good air quality can mean the difference between higher profits and productivity or employee illness, loss of productivity, lawsuits and more. A recent report states that air pollution from coal plants, for example, kills over 13,000 people […]

Don’t Be Tricked by Home Based Business Scams

Online home based businesses are more attractive now than ever because of mobile online technology and high speed connections. There are several things you need to consider when researching which online home based business is right for you. * First, surround yourself with people that do business online. * Second, search article directories for articles […]

How To Purchase The Right Brand Of Refrigerator

When buying a new refrigerator, you would want to compare brands. Appliance brands have something unique to offer consumers. With your numerous options, you might find it difficult to settle on just one brand of fridge. Know What Each Brand Can Offer You Most refrigerators have standard features such as compartments for meat and vegetables, […]

GPS Devices: How to Choose the Best Model and Brand for You

With any new technological advance, many companies compete with one another and begin manufacturing similar products. Of course, there are a couple brand names that stand out as the top competitors in the market for each new form of technology. When it comes to GPS systems, most consumers are familiar with the brand names Tom […]