26 Most Influential Science Bloggers

26 Most Influential Bloggers

The World Wide Web brought us many wonderful things. One of them is blogging. Blogs, or web logs as they used to be called in the early days of the Internet, give people a way to share their thoughts and ideas with people all around the World. Below, please find – in no particular order – a list of 26 most influential science bloggers that had an impact on me and my own blog – including inspiring me to start a blog on my own:



1) Derek Lowehttp://pipeline.corante.com/ - Derek’s is one of the first science blogs I’ve read. I believe he’s been posting his thoughts on his blog for over ten years now! In His own words:

“Derek Lowe, an Arkansan by birth, got his BA from Hendrix College and his PhD in organic chemistry from Duke before spending time in Germany on a Humboldt Fellowship on his post-doc. He’s worked for several major pharmaceutical companies since 1989 on drug discovery projects against schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, osteoporosis and other diseases”

2) Sookie Tex: http://nanotechnologytoday.blogspot.com/ - a colleague female blogger with interest in nanotechnology, Sookie runs several blogs ranging in subject matter from public domain clip art and video to poetry – all highly recommended!

3) John Hunterhttp://engineering.curiouscatblog.net/- even though the sub-title of Curious Cat, John’s blog, is “Science and Engineering Blog,” in reality he writes very interesting articles about everything from economics and education to animals and robots. As a matter of fact, I just finished reading his article about 3D printing - a technology that is on a fast track to becoming the next best thing! And since John posts every 3 days or so, I’m expecting to see a new article sometime today! Tip: When you visit John’s blog, make sure to check out his book Management Matters.

4) Mike  and Robyn Thomas: http://urbanworkbench.com/ - nothing more beautiful than a couple cooperating on a science blog! The fruit of this collaboration is a sustainable design, planning, and construction blog. Civil engineering is by no means my area of expertise but I do take a great interest in going green and this collection of articles is definitely worth a read!

5) Rodolfo Rodrigueshttp://chengineer.com/ - Just like mine, ChEngineer Space is a WordPress-powered blog focusing on Chemical Engineering developed and constantly updated in sunny Brazil! From Rodolfo’s website:

“Rodolfo Rodrigues lattes google scholar linkedin is Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at the UNIPAMPA and PhD-candidate in Chemical Engineering at the UFRGS, Porto Alegre (RS), Brazil. He develops practical and theoretical analysis at biomass gasification processes. Since his Master degree he is getting involved to modeling and simulation of processes.”

6) Chris Gammellhttp://chrisgammell.com/ - I found this blog some months ago when researching resume-writing techniques and since then, I spent many hours reading Chris’ articles about electrical engineering, renweable energy, effect of recession on engineers’ career life cycles, and much more! Chris introduces himself on his “About” page:

“My name is Chris Gammell and I am an analog electrical engineer from Cleveland, OH.  Though I grew up in Buffalo, NY, I first came to Cleveland in late 2001; I earned my bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Case Western Reserve. Since I started working I have contributed to many different industries and picked up knowledge along the way. I’m very thankful for the fact that I am able to work on advanced electronics every day. I want this site to help others understand electronics and the electronics industry  better.”

7) Krishna Kumarhttp://www.thoughtclusters.com - Thought Cluster is an IT blog by a Software Development Manager from New Hampshire - my favorite State of the Union! At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to include an IT blog in this list but Krishna definitely brings out both the art and science of it to the surface! Krishna writes quite often and has been posting about software development and all things IT since early 2003, which – the way blogs go – is quite some time!

8) Ben Goldacrehttp://www.badscience.net/ - Dr. Goldacre’s blog Bad Science is worth a pause. For over a decade, it has been exposing exactly that – bad science, which most often means the Pharmaceutical companies. There’s of course much more to Bad Science but I must warn you – the guy’s candid!

9) “Jack the Insider:” http://pharmagossip.blogspot.com/ - another blog with the pharmaceutical industry as the main target, Pharma Gossip is just that, pharma-related gossip. BEWARE – if you start reading just after dinner, you might suddenly realize its light again outside!

10) MilkShake: http://orgprepdaily.wordpress.com/ - Org Prep Daily is a BRILLIANT blog! A compilation of synthetic procedures – I really like the idea of a blog showing interesting experiments. DO it at home now! ;)

11) BRSM: http://brsmblog.com/ - BRSM is a “UK based organic chemist heading to the USA in mid-2013.” For the past two years, he has been blogging about organic chemistry and even managed to bring a dose of humor into the subject – congrats mate!

12) Kelly O’Shea: http://kellyoshea.wordpress.com/ any list of influential people in science needs to include at least on science teacher, in this case physics! As could be expected, Kelly’s blog is very educational! A little more about her , in her own words:

“The first 6 years of teaching high school physics: at a boarding school in Delaware. Year 7: I’ll be teaching at an independent day school in NYC. I’m so excited for the next set of challenges and adventures! I use Modeling Instruction, try to grow my students’ mindsets, use standards-based grading, and I’m pretty down on (not with) assigning homework. Follow @kellyoshea.”

13) Jordan Yaron: http://www.thebioblog.com/ - The Biology Blog by Jordan Yaron “encompasses a wide range of topics, including cutting-edge biological research, the trials and tribulations of graduate school and science education and advocacy.”

14) Female Science Professor: http://science-professor.blogspot.com/ - being a member of the Women in Science and Engineering organization at UIC, how could I not include a blog entitled Female Science Professor? Her blog takes a more relaxed view on the subject and reads more like a diary, which is what blogs were meant to be in the first place, very refreshing read indeed! While not disclosing her name, this female science blogger reveals this about herself:

“I am a full professor in a physical sciences field at a large research university. I am married and have a teenaged daughter. I have the greatest job in the world, but this will not stop me from noting some of the more puzzling and stressful aspects of my career as a science professor.”

15) Jack Caldwell: http://ithinkmining.com/ - Jack is a retired Mining Engineer who spends his days as a mining industry consultant and a part-time blogger at I Think Mining. While the subject is far apart from chemical engineering, it is always good to hear what other engineers might have to say, especially that Jack travels a lot and offers a very interesting perspective even for those of us who are not Colorado School of Mines alumni!

16) Alex: http://lifekills.wordpress.com/  – GROG – Green Tech Blog, as the name implies, offers a variety of “green technology” articles but not only. There are a lot of interesting and funny photos, as well as several infographics showcasing some interesting facts – worth taking a look!

17) Joel Spolsky: http://www.joelonsoftware.com/ - Joel is another IT blogger with over a decade of blogging behind his belt. Aside from his articles, worth mentioning is his careers section.

18) Jon Voisey: http://angryastronomer.blogspot.com/ - Jon is the Angry Astronomer, who writes mainly about astronomy but throws in some other subjects, such as religion and the conventions he’s planning to attend (I still have yet to see the Dragon*Con.. but I did finish the Wheel of Time :).

19) Bluegrass Pundit: http://scinewsblog.blogspot.com/ - while the name implies science fiction, this blog reports on latest amazing stories from the World of real science!

20) Prof. “Skulls in the Star:” http://skullsinthestars.com/ - a blog by an associate professor of physics, specializing in optical science, at UNC Charlotte. Covers a variety of subjects from optics and physics to pop culture. I’m wagering a guess that the author is a fan of H.P. Lovecraft.

21) Thomas Levenson: http://inversesquare.wordpress.com/ - The Inverse Square is an output of Tom’s thoughts on physical sciences intersected socio-political sciences, with a good dose of art photos.

22) Bryan Walker and Gareth Renowden: http://hot-topic.co.nz/ - did you enjoy big Hollywood productions, such as The lord of the Rings and Hobbit? A big part of success of those titles was due to the ultra-beautiful landscapes of New Zealand. Would you like those green meadows, hills, and mountains to stay beautiful forever? The authors of Hot Topic: Global Warming and the Future of New Zealand would like that too, so they started this blog!

23) Blake Stacey, et al: http://www.sunclipse.org/ - what started as a coordination website for a seminar, has become what i would call a “scientific satire.” This blog my seem disorganized and “all over the place,” but if you delve a bit further into it, you’ll notice that it really is a very interesting and fun(ny) read!

24)  Chris Dann: http://www.weirdwarp.com/ - Chris’ blog really is about “Science, Space, the Universe & Everything,” especially the “Everything” part – should be of interest to any SciFi enthusiast and many others!

25) John Wilkins: http://evolvingthoughts.net/blog/ - a Down-Under blog about biology, its history, and philosophy from a Melbourne-based PhD who likes Terry Prachett books (you have to try them if you haven’t)!

26) Joris Peels: http://voxelfab.com/blog/ - an Amsterdam-based blog devoted to an awesome technology known as 3D Printing!


All of the science-related blogs listed above have been a big influence on me and are all definitely worth a read! If you’d like to share a suggestion for science blogs that made a difference in YOUR life or if you’d like to suggest an edit, please shoot me an email through the contact page or leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading!


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  1. kocisz says:

    Just checking this out

  2. Jon Voisey says:

    Not sure how I made it on this list given I write only a few posts a year anymore, but as a note, I WAS at Dragon*Con this year. Even gave 2 solo talks and participated in 2 panels!

    I’ll definitely be back next year too.

  3. Jordan Yaron says:

    Thank you so much for the recognition! It’s an honor.

    Keep up the blogging!,


  4. You are very welcome Jordan – recognition well deserved, just giving credit where it’s due!


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