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3 Reasons Why Zimbabweans Love Ecocash

No one can deny the fact that mobile money is one of the new developments that could be seen in Zimbabwe. You might be wondering what this mobile banking is all about. So let me tell you that mobile banking is nothing but a defined way for financial services with mobile devices like that of mobile phones. With the help of mobile money, one can easily send as well as receive money without much banking interference. So, if you need to do a bill payment and you are about to pay that money with cheque, cash, or credit card then you can simply replace that with mobile pay. Mobile money offers you a wide range of services and you can take advantage of it from the comfort of your home.

You will find it interesting to know that Zimbabwean mobile money agents dominant the Ecocash platform for the use of mobile money. So, if you also want to make use of this platform then you must be aware of the EcoCash tarrifs

Mentioned below are three reasons which indicate why Zimbabweans love Ecocash.

  1. If you are a resident of Zimbabwe or know little about it then you might know that they have a shortage of cash and they need money for the daily transaction. So Zimbabweans make use of Ecocash to perform their daily transaction. And you will be amazed to know that almost ninety-five percent of the market shares have been captured by Ecocash.
  2. Ecocash has a network of an agent linked with them. Thus, you can withdraw or deposit money anywhere you wish. This means that transacting is not at all a big deal if you are using an Ecocash platform. You might be thinking that how to locate an EcoCash agent, so let me tell you that you can find them as an agent nearest to you.
  3. It is evident that EcoCash has played a significant role in driving financial inclusion for the people residing in Zimbabwe. And due to the introduction of mobile money now you can easily transact money between one person to another. For in order to enjoy all the benefits of mobile money you will have to ensure that your mobile number is linked with your bank account. In return for all this service, you will have to pay a small transaction charge.
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