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5 Popular features of the latest Jio offers or plans

Considering how Jio just took over and grabbed the complete telecommunication business, why did it happen? It happened because of their effective and affordable offers and recharge plans, seeing that all the subscribers, no matter what they’re using before, now have been shifted to the Jio.

Even now, after the arrival of Covid-19, Jio comes up with so many friendly offers like work from home data package, Jio phone data add-on, and so many that suited the conditions the people are in, and it always comes up with some offers and plans that can be related to the problems their customers are facing in the network.

Comparatively, it’s really easy to do a Jio online recharge; it can be done via the Jio app or from any platform,including Paytm, Freecharge, Amazon, and websites such as Airtel Payments Bank.While recharging, subscribers can enjoy other benefits such as extra cashback, and exclusive discount offers on paying online for the next time and so on.

The latest Jio offers and plans –

In 2021, Jio came up with so many affordable plans and offers that suited the needs of the subscribers, the Jio recharge plans vary in kind of prepaid and Jio postpaid plans. The Jio rechargefor such plans can be done online; the platforms can vary.

Some of the best features of the latest offers and plans that Jio brings are as follows:

  • Jio Rs 98 plan

The prepaid charge package of Reliance Jio’s Rs 98 is live for the subscribers. The data are valid for 28 days, and 2GB are available. The package also includes unlimited phone calls; but charge the IUC rate for 6-page calls to networks other than Jio per minute. The package also includes 300 SMS and Jio apps for complimentary.

  • Jio Rs 129 plan

The prepaid recharge pack Reliance Jio Rs 129 is a cheap 2GB data plan with 28 days of validity. It also includes unlimited on-net (Jio to Jio) telephone calls, 1000-minute off-net FUP (Jio to non-Jio), 300 SMS, and free Jio applications subscription.

  • Jio Rs 199 plan

The prepaid plan for Reliance Jio’s 199 gives validity of 1.5GB each day of 28 days. This plan also includes unlimited online calls and Jio applications for the validity time, like the previous packages. In addition, the Rs 199 bundle gives a 1000 minute off-net FUP and 100 SMS each day.

  • Jio Rs 249 plan (2GB/day)

This package is essentially like the previous daily data pack, the main change being the daily data supplied. For Rs 249 this prepaid refuelling package includes 2GB of information each day over 28 days, unlimited on-net phone calls, 1000 minute off-net FUP, 100 SMS per day and Jio applications for free.

The Jio recharge online can be done easily, it’s compared to other telecommunication service providers that provide the subscribers with even more additional benefits with the recharge.

The common popular features that make Reliance Jio popular service providers –

  • All services that a particular package includes now come in an all-in-one package that is more economical and suitable to the needs of the subscribers.
  • Now the plans are focused on the daily data providing capacity, earlier it was given monthly, but now it’s given based on the daily consumption of the customer.
  • The latest plans come up with the top-ups, that is, they can be top-up whenever the existing data or call limit of a day gets exhausted.
  • Now, with the plans, all the Jio applications come as a complimentary service; earlier subscribers need to pay for it individually.
  • These plans can be easily recharged through Paytm, Amazon, Airtel Payments Bank website or even through the MyJio app itself.

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