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A Few Law of Attraction Tips

According to folk who believe in it, the Law of Attraction has been in force since the start of time. But, it had never been spoken about in a coherent manner until the beginning of the New Thought movement, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. By performing a web search, you can find lots of sites with Law of Attraction tips.

The basic tenet of the Law is that people will attract whatever they think of. So, according to the theory, if bad things happen to somebody, it’s because he has allowed himself to think of it. If good things happen to somebody, again, he has allowed himself to think of it.

The believers claim, if you desire lots of money, a good job, or to find true love, you only have to think about it. Your thoughts will attract it to you. They say that thoughts of good health can keep you from becoming ill, or will cause you to recover if you’re already ill. And, they claim, if everybody on earth believed, there would be world peace.

There’s a bit of a trick to it, though. You’ll also need to quit thinking of bad things, or you’ll attract them, as well.

Adherents say that they can explain these phenomena by laws of quantum physics. They claim that since quantum physics laws apply universally, the Law of Attraction can work for anybody in the entire world.

Practitioners of the Law sell seminars, books, CDs, and DVDs with lessons about how folk can apply the Law to their own lives. There are also vendors who offer cruises, complete with onboard Law of Attraction workshops.

Different practitioners may explain this Law in different manners. But, three general steps that they agree on are Ask, Believe, Receive. Ask means, knowing what you desire and asking the universe to provide it. Believe means, acting as if you’re sure that the object of desire is on the way. And, receive means, be prepared to receive the object of desire when it finally does arrive.

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