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Choose the Correct Options for the Right taxes Now

Here is yet another tip that will be added to my guide which details everything that exists to pay less tax. A priori, it will be necessary to claim this remainder by litigation. In practice, it appears that certain tax declarations present this reimbursement automatically for industrial and commercial profits, agricultural profits, BNCs and even LMNP. The leaders, on the other hand, must make the request or they will have nothing.

What You Need

You will then see if you have had your refund via the appearance of a CIMR. If not, you will then have to send it with that of the last year to the tax authorities, explaining that you are entitled to the reimbursement described.

File a tax return even if you have little or no income

This will allow you to later deduct accumulated tuition fees from your income and increase your RRSP rights, however small it may be, take advantage of the right to the GST credit, and benefit from the related refundable tax credit. The work premium or the solidarity tax credit,in addition, interest on your student loans can be deferred (deducted from your income) for five years federally and indefinitely provincially.

Instead of deferring the credits for tuition fees and the credit for studies and textbooks to subsequent years, you can pass them on to your parents this year, up to a maximum of $ 5,000 federally and unlimited provincially. You need the tax refund calculator for the best deal now.

The Right Options

A person 19 years of age or over who earns at least $ 2,400, such as a part-time student, is entitled to a refundable tax credit of up to $ 1,561 at the federal level and $ 533.

  • Exam fees paid to a professional association, such as the exam, are considered federal tuition fees and therefore deductible from income. This was already the case in Quebec. Thus, your disbursement of $ 850 to register for the admission exam of the College of Physicians is now considered as tuition.
  • Tuition fees at a university located outside Canada are deductible from income at the federal and provincial levels if the courses extend over more than three consecutive weeks; before 2011, it was at least 15 consecutive weeks. For example, if you take a six-week course at the University of Chicago for which you spend $ 3,000, that amount is now eligible for tuition.

A student’s moving expenses can be deducted from his income at the end of his studies when he moves to take up his first job, provided that he is at least 40 km from his place of work.


In general, scholarships to attend an elementary or secondary school as well as scholarships received for a program that gives entitlement to the amount relating to full-time studies are not taxable at the federal level. For part-time students, the federal exemption has been limited since 2010 to the amount of tuition fees and the cost of materials related to the study program that gives entitlement to the amount relating to part-time studies. In Quebec, scholarships must be added in the calculation of net income, then deducted in the calculation of taxable income. Scholarships are therefore entirely exempt from tax in Quebec, but can have an impact on various tax credits that are based on net income.

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