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Introduction to Nanotechnology Book Review/Recommendation: Introduction to Nanoscale Science and Technology

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Introduction to Nanotechnology Textbook - Book Cover

Introduction to Nanotechnology Book – image courtesy of NanoInk

Are you looking for an introduction to Nanotechnology book? Or perhaps introductory textbook on Nanotechnology? If so, I would like to recommend Introduction to Nanoscale Science and Technology by Todd Crane, Richard Holz, John Ireland, Steve Lenhert, and Deb Newberry of NanoInk.

This introduction to Nananotechnology textbook covers the Nanoscale, working on the Nanoscale, introduction to Nanophysics, introduction to Nanochemistry, introduction to Nanobiology, and the technological evolution of the Nanotech as an industry and an area of science.

I read this book cover-to-cover and learned a lot from it. I honestly enjoyed it  thoroughly, so I decided to write a review for it here and recommend it to all the chemical engineering and Nanotechnology enthusiasts that happen to stumble upon my blog while searching the Internet.

The book has a lot of amazing information and is written in a very accessible way. I also happen to know one of the authors, John Ireland. He is a respected professional and one of my Nanotechnology mentors, which is just another reason for me to recommend this book.

Introduction to Nanotechnology Book Review: Textbook at a Glance

This book covers the basics of Nanotechnology. It has been published by NanoProfessor (Heands On Nanotechnology Education), a division of NanoInk, Inc. –¬† (link no longer active).

Paperback: 255 pages
Publisher: NanoInk (2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0983789606
ISBN-13: 978-0983789604

From the publisher:

NanoInk collaborated with nationally-recognized nanotechnology subject matter experts (SMEs) to publish a excellent nano-focused textbook for the undergraduate student. The comprehensive textbook provides timely information covering the areas of Nanotechnology Basics, NanoPhysics, NanoChemistry, NanoBiology, and Environmental, Health, & Safety perspectives of nanotechnology.

If you would like to check it out (or simply find out more), you can order a copy directly through Amazon here:


Moreover, eBay has a large selection of introduction to nanotechnology books – click here to search for introductory nanotechnology books on eBay!

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