Thank you NanoInk and NanoProfessor Team!

Paulina and Bridget - City Colleges of Chicago Interns at NanoProfessor

Paulina and Bridget - City Colleges of Chicago Interns at NanoProfessor

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the whole NanoProfessor team for giving Bridget and myself the amazing opportunity to learn about nanotechnology from the best – James M. Hussey, the CEO of NanoInk, Dean Heart, the CCO, John Ireland, Ph.D., Aleta Hagman, Ph.D., Tad Daniel, Ph.D., Troy Blume, and the whole of NanoInk! Thank you for making this not only a great educational experience¬†but also a fun and enjoyable Summer!

I’d like to also thank Bridget Basan – my “internship-mate” and my professor Raymund Torralba, Ph. D. who suggested that I try for this program in the first place.

The culmination of the internship program was a presentation of the lab we created for future nanotechnology students. The lab is called 3D Printing Photopolymerization, a revolutionary form of nanolithography used in the most modern fabrication techniques to speed up the production process. Stay tuned for more on this subject!


Photo Courtesy of NanoProfessor,, a division of NanoInk –¬†

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