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Top marketing and tech tools that are used in growth agency

10 Online Marketing Tools That'll Accelerate Growth of a New Business

Businesses today have access to a wide range of growth marketing agencies and digital marketing solutions that can increase their efficacy and efficiency in fresh and creative ways. These growth marketing agencies and solutions can help organizations save time and money, enhance collaboration and communication, and maintain an advantage in today’s cutthroat business environment.

Businesses can use growth marketing agencies and technology, from cloud-based storage and collaboration platforms to project management software and CRM systems, to improve and streamline their operations, communication, real-time collaboration, marketing, and decision-making.

Technology has completely changed how businesses operate. To differentiate themselves in a crowded market, companies must use the right combination of technology and the human expertise of growth marketing agencies. Today’s business requirements include:

    • Working remotely.
  • Outsourcing.
  • Collaborating with different teams or companies.
  • Maintaining real-time data tracking.
  • Data analytics.
  • Strong customer relationships.
  • Swift data-driven decision-making.

Organizations that can use technology efficiently benefit greatly. They can be combined to form a powerful toolkit that can aid in the success of any business.

Voxturr is a quick-thinking, data-driven growth marketing agency that operates under the lean startup tenet: run tests, analyze the data, and scale what works. We are a renowned SaaS marketing agency that employs modern marketing and technological tools and software to streamline our operations, interact with our global team, work together on diverse projects in real time, monitor and analyze data, and efficiently handle numerous tasks simultaneously. If you are curious about the technology we employ at our business, continue reading.

Team communication/collaboration tools used by growth marketing agency experts

  • Slack: Slack software is a platform for business messaging and collaboration used in offices to help employees communicate with one another. It offers real-time text, audio, and video communication between users. Additionally, Slack offers functions like file sharing, searchable history, and integration with other business software.
  • Active Collab: A project management and collaboration tool called ActiveCollab is intended to make project teamwork more effective. Task management, time tracking, information sharing, and invoicing are some of its features. A central repository for project files, chats, task lists, and calendars is provided by ActiveCollab. It ensures every customer or audience is on the same page and has easy access to the most recent information by putting all project information in one location.

Content creation tools used by SaaS marketing agency experts

  • Jasper: Jasper is an artificial intelligence (AI) writing assistant who may aid with activities including content creation, editing, and proofreading. Jasper makes suggestions based on the user’s intent using natural language processing (NLP). Facilitating a quicker, simpler, and more effective writing process is intended to save users time and enhance the quality of their work.
  • Pictory: With the aid of artificial intelligence, the video editing program Pictory AI converts text into videos automatically. The program is made for content producers who want to make interesting, shareable films from a screenplay or even a blog post quickly and effortlessly. When you paste a script or blog post into Pictory AI, the AI analyses it, finds the most pertinent scenes from its more than 3 million royalty-free video clips, photos, and music, adds transitions and effects and produces a polished video.

SEO tools used by growth marketing agency experts

  • SEMRush: SEMrush was founded in 2008 and has become one of the most popular digital marketing tools. SEMrush offers users various tools for managing their online presence, from competitor research to keyword research. It provides information about the performance of your rivals, the keywords they are using, and the ad campaigns that are most successful for them. You can also monitor your progress and modify your approach as necessary.
  • Google Analytics: Website owners can watch and analyze their website traffic using Google Analytics, a free web analytics tool. It offers information about the origins of visitors, what they are doing on the website, and how they engage with it. Website owners can track conversions and target accomplishments using Google Analytics. Future website users’ experiences can be enhanced with the help of this data, which can also be leveraged to drive more traffic to digital channels.


Interface design tools used by SaaS marketing agency experts

  • Figma: The primary users of the vector graphics editor and design tool Figma are front-end programmers and web designers. It is comparable to Adobe Illustrator but is tailored more toward online design. Despite being a newcomer to the graphic design software market, Figma is already creating waves with its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities. It has a simple UI, is incredibly straightforward, and is perfect for novices. However, it also includes several capabilities that more seasoned designers would value, such as the capacity to produce responsive designs.
  • Webflow: With the help of the website builder Webflow, you can make unique responsive websites without knowing any coding. You can build a website using Webflow from scratch or by using one of their templates. Webflow employs a drag-and-drop interface rather than coding to let you add items to your pages, including text, photos, videos, and forms. Without learning HTML or CSS, it is intended for those who wish to build stunning, responsive websites.



Let your business grow with the best SaaS marketing agency: Voxturr! Our goal at Voxturr is to assist B2B SaaS startups in reaching the market and quickly scale. You can learn more about outsourcing your SaaS marketing role by scheduling a meeting with us. We’d be thrilled to learn more about your business and support its growth.

There are probably no marketers out there who do not employ marketing technologies and growth marketing agencies. Marketing technology not only makes agency operations more efficient but also promotes growth. Technology makes work easier, accelerates numerous procedures, boosts sales, assists in brand mention analysis online, helps to avert many disasters, plans webinars, tracks user behavior online and manages projects.

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