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Waves project history and role of waves wallet in waves ecosystem

The main aim of waves ecosystem is to provide a platform for the creation of custom tokens by using the blockchain technology. Waves use a smart contract for dealing with the trading of various digital assets. It contains a dedicated decentralized exchange named as a wave’s wallet. Waves platform recovery is done with the help of blockchain technology. Blockchain used in waves allows the investor to create it its own token in affordable price.

A brief history of waves coin cryptocurrency platform

  • A theoretical physicist Sasha Ivanov, from Ukraine, held the foundation of waves coins. cryptocurrency. He is also the CEO of the company. He has also done work on the various internet platforms, development of software, and in neural network prediction solutions. Inspiration for waves development has come from instant cryptocurrency programs.
  • In December 2017, the market capacity of waves is around USD 1.7 billion but in next year that is in 2018 the market capacity of waves is lowered down to USD 178 million. The decrease in demand is responsible for the lowering of market value in 2018.
  • Waves initial coin offering is launched in April 2016. Its initial capacity in the market was around USD 16.4 million. It drastically took growth in the next two years. There is a big number of waves tokens present which is circulating in the market for trading.

Role of waves wallet in waves ecosystem

The waves wallet is an important part of the wave’s ecosystem. It is mainly designed to support the token creation program. It offers the safe trading practices of stored tokens and helps in fast transactions at an affordable price.

  • For starters, the tokens are directly stored in the account in a wallet. It helps in reducing the hacking risks associated with the transactions.
  • In a wave’s wallet, no can apply any type of sanctions on the user’s fund directly but in a legal case, sanctions can be applied.
  • There is no limit present in the waves wallet you can do trade according to your capacity.
  • Waves wallets are mainly designed to store the waves tokens and through waves wallet, you can do the trading of your tokens at any cryptocurrency marketplace.
  • Transactions in waves wallet held in minutes that is you can do transactions very fast and charges of transactions are also very low in waves wallet.
  • Waves wallet supports various types of browsers and it is dedicated to various mobile versions.
  • There is no limit present for the withdrawal of money through your tokens.
  • Waves wallet is easy to use. Here you can store your tokens safely. Hacking of waves wallet is not possible for everyone. Waves platform recovery is used for the up-gradation of waves wallet.

Waves coin cryptocurrency is introduced in the market with many competitors but due to exceptional features, it survived with great growth in market value. Upgradation in waves platform is done through waves platform recovery system it helps in removing the errors within the system and thus helps in providing the new version of waves platform.

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