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What are some good mentoring topics?

The Success And Failure Of The Coaching Industry

For mentors and mentees, we’ve developed a list of many discussion topics. Whatever type of mentoring relationship you have, these conversation starters will foster new connections and learning possibilities. Are you planning your upcoming mentoring session? Are you arranging your upcoming mentoring session? Or you’re organizing your mentorship platform’s sessions. Whatever the case, a productive mentoring session begins with a defined agenda. Agendas feature critical questions that mentors and mentees might raise and conversation points. Let’s start now!

Reasons why mentors and mentees need discussion agendas

The mentor and the mentee should be clear about what they hope to gain from the relationship before the mentorship can begin through mentoring platforms. It’s crucial that both parties can check in with one another at various points during the mentorship to determine if their expectations are being met. The mentee can better prepare for what they will learn from the mentor by setting up a session to discuss the agenda of the mentorship. Agendas for meetings provide both parties with a framework that can be modified as the mentorship progresses and help keep the discussions on learning. It enables the mentor to create a more effective mentoring plan.

Mentoring topics for different types of mentoring connections and relationships

You can discuss various subjects depending on how the mentoring is set up. It’s crucial to remember that individual mentorships are best suited for particular topics. For instance, leadership mentoring subjects place more of an emphasis on leadership issues and effective leadership techniques.

Leadership mentoring topics

Through mentoring platforms for leaders, more junior employees can learn what it’s like to be a leader in the workplace. This kind of mentoring is excellent for giving employees a sense of what it’s like to hold a senior position within the organization and teaching them the skills necessary to advance. Discussion topics for leadership mentoring will benefit your company’s new manager or executive development programs.

Discussion topics for future leaders

The subjects listed below can be used to plan a leadership mentorship program.

  • Changing from an employee to a manager
  • Knowing who to know as a new boss
  • Effective team communication
  • The distinction between managing and leading
  • The feedback process
  • How to resolve disputes with coworkers

Questions for new managers

The mentee should be prepared with a few essential questions to ask the mentor, and the mentor must equip themselves with the discussion themes for mentoring platforms. The mentee might ask the mentor the questions below to learn more about the leadership experience.

  • How was the journey to becoming a manager?
  • What did it show about your attributes—both good and bad?
  • Did becoming a manager have any unintended consequences?
  • What have you learned that you wish to know before you start managing?
  • Does your interaction with coworkers change as you advance in your position? Why do you do this?
  • What essential mindsets must I possess to be a manager?

Discussion topics for reverse mentoring relationships

Reverse mentoring entails junior staff serving as mentors for senior executives or leaders through mentoring platforms. Through this form of mentoring, leaders gain a fresh perspective on emerging trends in technology or the nature of the workforce. Furthermore, this mentoring promotes greater understanding among workers from various backgrounds.

Discussion topics for reverse mentoring

Below is a collection of conversation starters for reverse mentorships through mentoring platforms.

  • The differing perspectives that various generations hold about the workplace
  • Potential conflicts can occur when several generations collaborate in the modern workplace.
  • Possible workplace biases
  • How to give your organization’s decision-making processes more perspective
  • Sharing your unique perspective on work
  • Learning how to deal with change
  • Picking up new abilities as your career progress is important.

What should you ask in a reverse mentoring relationship?

While conversation points help set the agenda for reverse mentorship, some questions can help clarify the mentorship goals for both parties through mentoring platforms. The following inquiries can be directed at the mentor by the mentee:

  • During your career, what significant changes have you encountered?
  • How did you handle significant changes that disrupted your workflow?
  • From where did the change originate?
  • How do you feel about the changes in our business or industry?
  • How do you think your generation differs from previous ones?

Topics for peer mentoring and coaching

To develop new skills and appreciate one another’s viewpoints, coworkers collaborate and coach one another in peer mentoring. This mentoring program fosters community, especially in remote work settings, and enables a smooth onboarding process with buddy programs.

Topics to discuss in a peer-to-peer relationship

The discussion points listed below can be used to create an agenda in a peer-to-peer setting on mentoring platforms.

  • Comparisons and contrasts of your roles
  • Your advantages and disadvantages
  • Obstacles you encounter regularly
  • Career objectives
  • What’s preventing you from acquiring the skills you wish to have?

Questions to ask one another

The following queries help both sides in the peer mentoring relationship better understand one another’s backgrounds.

  • What am I doing exceptionally well?
  • How can I push myself to improve that ability even more?
  • What is one area where I could use some improvement?


You may make the most of your time with a mentor who has agreed to help you in your career by knowing how to express your inquiries about the workplace. To accomplish this, list crucial issues for discussion before meeting with your mentor through mentoring platforms. Similarly, if you are a mentor, understanding how to organize a meeting to provide your mentee with the most excellent advice is crucial because they rely on you for wise counsel.

Mentoring platforms link knowledge carriers and advice seekers, including experts, professionals, business owners, students, and others. These systems offer voice, video, chat, and calendar tools and facilities to have a fantastic mentoring experience. With the AskMe platform, you will now get professional and personal guidance more quickly than ever. Relationships between mentors and mentees can bridge the skills gap and alter lives. Mentoring platforms can significantly impact career trajectories. With the help of these platforms, mentors and mentees can concentrate on particular subjects to ensure customized learning and the sharing of knowledge and skills.

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