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How to Choose the Right Communication Tool for Your Business?

The features and specifications an organization can use for professional communication and interactions depend on business needs. Different factors must be considered when choosing which app or software will be used for communication.

In some situations, the management may need trusted enterprise messaging solutions to disseminate information and conduct webinars or video conferences wherein employees can listen for updates but not participate. Otherwise, an organization’s management can opt for a group chat or a video call application to gather employee input.

Ideally, the chosen communication tools must have the following capabilities:

Support for all types of communication

The right communication tool can support different functions for smooth operations, like making calls, sending text messages, and sharing multimedia files with a group or an individual. Going further, some applications like WhatsApp and WeChat have enabled screen sharing, which can help business users. 

Highly Secure

Investing in applications like WhatsApp, WeChat, or Telegram assures companies that there is end-to-end encryption. Today, only 14% of businesses are adequately equipped to face and address cyber attacks. It is vital to have the data of employees and customers protected by the highest level of encryption available.


The right communication platform for organizations must also be accessible to people across cultures and ability levels. Companies need to opt for software or application that supports multiple languages and has an easy user interface. Multi-currency support is another optimal feature when interacting with international clients.

The most meticulously chosen communication platform must invest in a recordkeeping solution that can perform various functions. This includes communication compliance, the ability to record voice calls and retain text messages and multimedia files.

Choosing the right communication tool for a business is significant to ensure smooth operations. A real-time capture, retention, and maintenance solution can make it easy for organizations to retrieve relevant metadata of messages and comply with regulations. 


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