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Office Furniture: Turning Plans to Actual

Now is the time to choose your office furniture? The layout of the space, but also the quality of the furniture is the key to your new working environment. Here are essential points for choosing your office furniture.

Office: the right format

Ideally, your office should be large enough to allow you to install your essentials in an airy and flexible manner: screen, keyboard, telephone, documents, etc.

The right desk is the most basic and also the one that takes up the least floor space.

The return desk offers more surface area and working comfort, and allows you to separate the computer and paper areas.

The ergonomics of your office

A height-adjustable desk will allow all body types to be installed ergonomically and therefore more efficiently.If this is not the case, opt for adjustable legs, which will allow you to work standing or sitting, depending on the activity and the time.A tilting worktop finally offers a plus in the comfort of reading, writing and drawing. As you click here you can find the actual utility of the different items.

Chair: the right compromise

A good office chair should be able to allow you both to relax while supporting a good sitting position: feet flat, calves vertical, thighs horizontal, back straight, curvature of the spine supported by the backrest.

He must also follow your movements smoothly, whatever the sitting position adopted. There are specialists in office furniture and ergonomics who help you choose your chairs.

Lighting: comfort and efficiency

Good office lighting takes into account several factors: the quality of the light emitted, its uniformity, the color rendering and the balance of brightness.

To make the right choice, you must first define your visual requirements, which vary depending on the activity. There too, several factors come into play: areas to be lit, people present, layout of the premises, etc.

Storage cabinet: ask the right questions

  • What should you store?
  • How often are these objects used?
  • Do you prefer centralized storage or by workstation?

Attention to the opening system which must be adapted to the space you have.

Thinking well beforehand allows you to make the right choice of office furniture and optimize the comfort and efficiency of your workspace.Whether you are a private individual or a professional, we always need a work space at home. But to select the desk and / or the chair that will complement the decor, you will have to think about it. Because once installed, you will probably spend several hours on this furniture.

The Desk Top

Right office

We advise you to opt for this style of office in case you do not use it only as a support. For example it is in a teenager or child’s bedroom or if you don’t have a dedicated room, in a living room to use the computer. In fact, due to their shape, straight desks logically have a smaller area. It is therefore preferable to use it only to put the essentials there. Avoid printers or storage bins! Conversely, its size will allow you to save space in the room where it will be.

Corner desk

As a professional, this style of office will be essential to you! In order to keep everything close at hand, the large size of a corner desk will allow you to install PC, printer, filing cabinets, lamp. Without running out of space! In addition, you are free to choose the part on which you wish to work.

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