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Focus Online Marketing Not Only On Traffic, But Also Web Design Experience

Online marketing in Hong Kong nowadays can never be about only getting people to visit your website, hoping the visitors are going to buy your product on your business website. You will have to take care of executing the strategies in both traffic acquisition and website design.

Traffic acquisition plan

When you are in the process of developing your new company website or redesigning your existing business site, you should already be getting consultation (or advices) from a professional Hong Kong SEO company. The on-page SEO including with building the right site structure for SEO is essential. Getting the website right for responsive design to leverage from Google’s mobile-first indexing is the first important step to build a good base for good organic search rankings.

Having a consistent presence in social media is rather important. You will need a plan/schedule to publish your newly created content on platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc in which they are the social networks most Hong Kong audience have been using.

Developing a comprehensive content strategy to support SEO and social media is essential. Following up with the execution is even more important. It is very expensive long term project to include a comprehensive content strategy with the operations i.e. content creation. Most HK based companies would initially have under estimate the difficulty and time required to build up even the content for the first three months.

This way, you can also set up a company blog. Re-purpose the regularly created content to supply the blog with content. Work on the on-page SEO for the blog that you have set up, and try catching some of the long-term searches (that visitors may have searched) that you official company site is unable to catch.

Website design concepts

Put forward your best images or photos. If you have a great banner image, there is no reason to hide it. It may even be best to display the banner as one of the main sliding banners on the homepage of your HK company website. Alongside with the current or most recent promotion as a message in the banner, it makes a perfect match.

The next thing is to be consistent with your brand or logo. Use the same company logo everything including at the top left corner of each page of your website (where it is the location that logo should go), on any banner ads that you have placed on any online advertising platform, etc.

Your pitch message is one thing. Your product benefits are another thing. Whenever possible, include a call-to-action (CTA) with a highly visible button on your website and/or landing page for a specific advertising platform.

On your landing page, what actually draws the user to click on the action button to proceed to the next step? The CTA has to be integrated with the message of your product. Give the message a bit of urgency. Demonstrate the major benefits instead of the features. The visitors who ended up purchasing through your site are the persons who have obtained a satisfied solution for their pain points.



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