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Why Should We Use Reusable Bags for Grocery Shopping?

Hey folks, the topic of using full color printed bags for our shopping, the concept of BYOB, that is Bring Your Own Bag or the jargon of No plastic is Fantastic is picking up all the attention it should. There is definitely no new information I will add to this topic that you did not already know. 

But then, why do I write on this topic today? I am only here to tell you what you all already know but only in a more simplified form with adequate explanation so that it is easy to understand and you are able to incorporate this habit in your life more naturally. 

Why you should carry your own bag for shopping? 

Even though some of you might choose to use a paper carry bag instead of a plastic bag and think that it is an environmentally friendlier option, it actually is not. 

Even when we use a paper bag, we should think about what paper is made of. To make paper, our industries destroy lots and lots of trees and produce a lot of pollution as well. Therefore, the paper bags may be better than plastic bags for the soil, but are not necessarily the best for the environment. 

The best option that is left open for us is to carry our own bags every time we go on shopping and use the same bags to carry stuffs every time we shop.

Some benefits of reusable bags 

Apart from the above-mentioned obvious reasons, there are these extra advantages on using reusable bags –

  • When many of us use our own bag for shopping or carrying things around, we reduce the consumption of plastic and hence there is less need for recycling. 

  • We all might have heard of the problems that our wildlife face due to the improperly disposed plastic bags like it getting into the digestive tract of the animal, marine animals getting affected etc. Therefore, restricted use of plastic bags help our wildlife. 

  • Using and reusing the same bags again and again saves us all a lot of money that we would otherwise spend on buying a use and throw away carry bag. 

  • The reusable bags are strong and durable than plastic carry bags. 

If you are looking for buying your own grocery bags that are ecofriendly, economical and reusable, check out the website of Custom Grocery Bags. They have so many options of ecofriendly bags such as full color printed bags, non-woven bags, recycled bags etc. 

They will literally spoil you with so many choices that you will fall in love with the habit of carrying your own grocery bags for shopping and you can feel very proud of it too. 

Not only with regards to plastic bags versus reusable bags, lets us all always remember that a life lived in harmony with nature is the best life. Staying in tune and in sync with nature is way safer and is a better and satisfying lifestyle. 

Emily Carter: Emily, a trained environmental journalist, brings a wealth of expertise to her blog posts on environmental news and climate change. Her engaging style and fact-checked reporting make her a respected voice in environmental journalism.