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Stratford Management Inc Review of How I Became a Real Estate


Graham Stephan became a millionaire as young as 26 years old. Belonging to a middle-class family with a small house in Los Angeles, he knows the value of hard work. Nobody in his family works in real estate, and his parents work receiving monthly paychecks. In short, he had a straightforward life like everyone else, and he started his real estate career from scratch.

So, how did he make it? Companies like Stratford Inc Management review the life of Graham Stephan. This article talks about his life’s milestones and highlights.

Stephan Graham Highlights

Here are some of Graham’s key milestones:

He started earning money by using Photoshop. He edited listing photos of fish and coral on a website making $1 per photo edited and uploaded, which gave him about $25 to $30 per hour or about $100 a day. It was a suitable way for him to make money daily.

When the photo business closed, he entered a band, and he dreamed of being a famous drummer someday. Eventually, he gave up the group at senior high school. It was the end of his music career, but it was just the beginning.

During his year gap in college, he got into a data entry job, but the corporate structure became a big wake up call for him. Eventually, he decided to get real estate studies online, exam, and license.

The worst economic time happened in 2008 for the real estate industry, but he still pursued his real estate career. During this time, he met someone who encouraged him to go over the edge. He offered him a 50/50 commission and taught him everything he needed to know about real estate. Stratford Management Inc Review shows that it was a crucial time for Graham.

During his learning process, he found a new niche. He offered real estate agents to take professional photos of properties they’re selling. In exchange, they allowed him to list their real estate ads in Craiglist, in which he represented himself as the tenant. It was an exciting time in his life.

He sat every second Sunday in open houses, and walk-in clients gave him chances to find them a home. With huge savings and commissions he had, his success continued, bought a new car, and learned the ins and outs of the real estate process. 

When he was able to earn a substantial amount of money as a real estate agent, he decided to invest in real estate himself in 2011. The rest was history. The most important lesson that you can learn from his story is that perseverance and hard work will always pay off, as long as you’re learning new things every day.

Final Thoughts

Graham never really cared about school, and working was his priority. His drive and hard work paid off when he started getting calls and proposals from tenants and real estate agents and clients, making him a lot of money until he began to invest as well. Like almost all stories, the lack of education didn’t hinder his success later in life.


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