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How can you be a financial consultant?

Many people ask this question on how they can become a financial consultant or an independent financial adviser. konsultan keuangan, which is the term in Indonesian] or financial advisor. Financial advisor plays a key role in a company. He provides expert advise on making investment and saving decisions. People are now pursuing finance as there majors in bachelor’s degree. To become a successful financial consultant you need to gain knowledge about the subject. If you want to work as a financial consultant in a company you need to at least have a bachelor’s degree. Knowledge about mathematics, accounting, and finance is also required.

Is license necessary to become a financial consultant?

After you have become a financial consultant it is time to acquire a license now. License is mandatory for all the persons who wishes to work as a financial advisor. Some advisors who are involved in trading of stocks need to acquire a license before they can help their clients. Similarly some advisors are associated with insurance companies. They also need to acquire a license as well before they can sell insurance to any customer. You need to be associated with one of the regulating authorities before you can start working with a company. A valid license shows that you are authorized and is the right person for this job. This helps you to bring more clients with you. Another major advantage of having a license is that clients start showing trust in you. There is no doubt that acquiring a license will help you to excel your career. There are various types of license which are being issue. These include series 6, series 7, series 63, and series 65 license.

Should you work as an independent financial consultant?

There are two options you should either work as an independent financial advisor or you can work with a company. Both options have its pros and cons. Working with a company will help you to grow and will help you to create PR. On the other hand financial advisor working independently work for themselves.

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